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— 20 February, 2023

The top six questions we got at IBS 2023

Is this just like installing fiberglass?

It’s similar in concept but a much smoother experience. A Plungie offers more flexibility and capability over a fiberglass pool due to the concrete structure and level of the finished product that arrives on site. The concrete structure of the Plungie is self-supporting, which means the surrounds of the installation site don’t need their own engineering. After conducting a soil test, our engineering documents outline the specifications for a foundational slab that the Plungie will sit on. No extra support is required for the side walls. This means that installation can be in-ground, above-ground, and anything in between to suit your vision and site.

Further, a Plungie arrives with the plumbing and return lines for cleaning and sanitation installed at the factory. These are capped near the skimmer box, ready for a plumber to connect to. This means no drilling and running additional plumbing lines around your worksite once the pool is in place – just connect the pool to your filtration setup.

You can read more about the differences between fiberglass and concrete pools here.

How does it get plumbed?

With some factory-made pool options requiring on-site plumbing configurations, this is a logical question. Every Plungie arrives with the skimmer box, return lines, safety suctions (if required), and light fittings cast into the concrete shell in-factory. Appropriate plumbing pipes are then connected on the outside and capped off at the skimmer box. This means that when the pool arrives and is positioned in the yard, it can be backfilled immediately – no need to connect plumbing through to the internal shell. Your pump, filtration equipment, chlorinator, heaters, etc, can then be connected at a later date by connecting to the capped-off piping.

Our handy plumbing guide is also available for your plumber to outline what they can expect when they arrive on-site, removing the guesswork.


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What’s the lining?

Every Plungie comes with an internal high-performance thermo polymer coating — which is the fancy way of describing ecoFinish.

ecoFinish is a highly engineered form of powder coating that’s heat-blasted onto the internal shell of the pool, forming a completely sealed, flexible, waterproof membrane that’s both luxurious to the touch and highly durable.

The finished feel of each pool varies slightly and ranges between a slightly coarse, sandstone-like finish and smooth porcelain tiles. In any instance, the surface has fantastic non-slip capabilities without feeling abrasive on the skin. 

Every Plungie solution is the result of countless hours of research and testing, which is why we back them with a 10-year warranty on the structure and finish so both you and your customer are covered.

If you want to push the design capabilities of your Plungie even further we can also supply your Plungie with a raw concrete internal finish so that you can tile on-site in your preferred design.

What do they sit on?

Plungie has done the hard work and supplied engineering and instructions for installation that cover most soil types. After conducting a soil test our engineering provides instructions for the specifications of a concrete footing that the Plungie is installed onto. You’ll need to make a modification in the base of the footing to accommodate the hydrostatic valve, which ensures extreme groundwater isn’t going to cause problems down the track – all of this is covered in our engineering documents.

We should note that every site is different, and sometimes site-specific engineering may be required to ensure your Plungie is installed correctly.

Do you supply the equipment?

We know that every pool needs equipment to keep the water quality great for swimming. That’s why we offer packages that can be ordered at the same time as a Plungie. We also know that builders sometimes have their own preferred partners and may also opt to purchase their own equipment options.

We offer equipment from Hayward, and your chosen package is shipped directly to your job site. You can find out more about our equipment packages here.

What’s your wait time?

It’s more than likely that when asking ‘what’s your wait time?’ our response is going to be – when do you need it? Our factory-made process means that we can produce more pools faster to keep up with demand. We are able to work in partnership with our builders to deliver their Plungie at the right time for their project.

It’s always best to lock in your order early so that we can ensure a smooth delivery process. Our customer service team will be in contact at every step of the journey from selecting a pool to it arriving on site.

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