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— 24 February, 2023

How Big Are Plungie Pools?

When you hear the phrase plunge pool, there’s probably one word that comes to mind — small. However, a Plungie is not your average plunge pool. We’ve developed concrete swimming pools that are compact yet spacious. We’re all about maximizing space, so we have designed our pools with ample bench space and slimmer side walls to leave more room for swimming. With a range of versatile models, Plungie caters to families (and backyards) of all sizes. So, when it comes to pools, does size really matter? Let’s dive in and find out. 

Average Pool Size 

Standard swimming pools are roughly 15ft x 30ft in size, with a depth of around 5.5ft. However, as homes get bigger and blocks get smaller, standard pools are becoming less viable. Plunge pools, on the other hand, help increase property and lifestyle value without sacrificing the entire backyard.

Plunge Pool Benefits

Gone are the days of choosing between a pool and a lawn for your yard. A plunge pool won’t take up as much space in your backyard so you can create multiple outdoor living zones. Although they may not be great for laps, plunge pools are perfect for relaxation and cooling down on a hot day. Because they’re smaller, they’re also easier to clean and require less energy to heat than traditional pools.

Our Models

We currently provide three concrete pool models — the Studio, Original, and Max. Our fourth model, the Arena, is coming to the US soon. Each pool has been designed with different spaces and uses in mind. Let’s take a closer look at their dimensions so you can decide which Plungie would work best for your project.


As our only round concrete pool, the Arena is the perfect choice for architecturally designed properties. With a diameter of 11.5ft, it also allows you to make the most of limited spaces. Tossing up between a jacuzzi and a plunge pool? You can add a spa jet package to get the best of both worlds.

The Arena may be our smallest model, but it can still comfortably fit six grown men. Don’t believe us? Check out our team in the Arena at the 2023 International Builders’ Show. This showstopper is coming to the US in Summer 2023. Contact us now if you want to be among the first to get one.


arena diameter




The 12ft x 7ft Plungie Studio is smaller in size without compromising on features. As our smallest rectangular plunge pool, it’s ideal for front yards, inner-city pads, and apartment rooftops. This model is also a popular option for duplexes and we’ve tackled plenty of twin installs with ease. With 21.5 sq ft of bench space, there’s plenty of room in the Studio to relax and soak up those rays. 


studio height-1studio width-1studio length-1


Mediterranean Blue 3-1


The Plungie Original is our most popular precast concrete pool, and it’s easy to see why. At 15 feet in length, it looks like a home in any size backyard and can be enjoyed by all. This model helped create a backyard oasis at the Trinity Falls project. Not too big, but not too small, the Original left plenty of room in the backyard for the homeowners to barbecue with their friends. With these results, it’s no wonder a Plungie can add instant value to your property. 


original height-1original width-2original length-1




If you’re looking for a competitively-priced family pool that’s quick and easy to install, look no further. The 20ft x 10ft Plungie Max is the largest monolithic precast concrete swimming pool in the world. This pool was made for spacious backyards and family games of marco polo. If you’re more of a spectator, the Max offers a luxurious 43 sq ft of bench space to lounge on. Read our article to find out how owner-builder Jason DeLong took advantage of the Max’s size and sophisticated design to increase rental appeal for his lakeside home


max height-2max width-2max length-1



How Deep Is A Plungie?

The external shell height of every Plungie model is 5.5ft, creating a water depth of roughly 4.9ft. 

Can I Change The Size Of A Plungie?

Would you paint over the Mona Lisa? Of course not! All joking aside, it’s not possible to increase or decrease the size of our pool models due to their precast nature. 

This is what helps us deliver affordable, high-quality pools in a short timeframe, so it won’t be changing any time soon. Having set dimensions also makes it possible to get a quote for crane hire before you purchase a Plungie. We’ve even created detailed lifting diagrams so you can get the ball rolling.

Is Bigger Actually Better?

In our opinion, no. A Plungie can provide you with the benefits of a traditional pool without compromising your backyard space. Download our brochure and builder’s installation guide today to see how well a Plungie will work for your project, no matter how tight the space is.

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