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— 14 November, 2023

Guide to Plungie’s Pool Certifications

A Plungie is so much more than a pre-cast concrete swimming pool — it’s an innovative solution for builders, architects, and developers across the United States. Every aspect of a Plungie has been designed to make the pool installation process easy. Because we know down to the ounce how much steel and concrete are in our pools, we’ve created detailed resources, including our Plungie Install Guide and Engineering Set to ensure every Plungie install goes smoothly. 

Our design is compliant across the US, so there’s no limit to where your business can expand. That’s not all that sets Plungie apart — here’s how our pool design can help you improve efficiency, gain more control on-site, and grow your construction business.


Patented Monolithic Pour

Our monolithic design allows us to create the most effective, watertight structure at the lightest possible weight. It’s no wonder that we’ve patented it. 

Plungies are monolithic structures, meaning that they are made from a single pour of concrete. Our pool mold intentionally creates a void beneath the stairs, eliminating what would be excess and unnecessary weight. Since there’s no need to add concrete steps after the shell has cured, the result is a seamless pool shell with no cold joints that could weaken the structure over time. It also means that a Plungie is lighter and stronger than other pre-cast pools with added concrete steps. 

Our monolithic pour method requires less concrete than traditional pool-building methods, resulting in a lower overall carbon footprint. In fact, Plungies are ISO-certified with a carbon footprint that is 41% lower than other concrete pools.


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ICC Code Compliant 

Plungies are engineered for strength and durability, offering a level of quality that you can be proud of. This is reflected in our International Code Council (ICC) certification. The ICC is the global leader in model codes, standards, and building safety solutions. Every Plungie is ICC code-compliant, so you can rest assured that our pools are fit for purpose. With a reduced carbon footprint, our pool models also align with the ICC mission to create safe, sustainable communities and buildings. 

Investing in an ICC code-compliant product like Plungie gives you peace of mind knowing that your pool will stand the test of time.


UL Listed

Our pool models have undergone rigorous testing for electrical compliance by Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and have been recognized as UL Listed. UL Listing is required for grounding and ensures electrical safety during the Electrical + Backfill step of the Plungie process. With this classification, you can feel confident that your team will stay safe throughout the installation process.


Seismically Rated 

Each Plungie is seismically assessed and rated, so you know what seismic load it can handle. With this information, you can make a judgment as to whether a Plungie is right for your clients living in earthquake-prone areas.


ecoFinish Interior Coating

An important aspect of Plungie’s design is our thermo-polymer internal coating, ecoFinish. ecoFinish can be applied much faster than interior pool tiles while still creating a completely sealed, watertight membrane. We apply three coats of ecoFinish to the pool interior to create a vibrant color with depth and definition. 

Our design puts safety first, so slightly more powder and polymer are embedded on the pool stairs to create a textured, slip-resistant finish. Read our article, What Is ecoFinish? for more information about ecoFinish and how it can protect your concrete pool.   

It’s clear that our Plungie design creates solutions, not problems. As well as being high-quality structures, our pool models have been certified as safe and sustainable by leading international bodies. Because our models are compliant across the US, you’ll face fewer barriers during the standard building approvals process.

Download our engineering sets today to learn more about our patented design and how it can make pool installation easy for you and your clients.

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