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— 22 August, 2023

What Is ecoFinish?

Every Plungie comes with a high-performance thermo-polymer internal coating — otherwise known as ecoFinish. Not only is ecoFinish highly durable and low-maintenance, but it’s luxurious to the touch and can protect your concrete pool from long-term structural damage. Here’s everything you need to know about ecoFinish and why it’s the interior pool finish of choice at Plungie. 

What is ecoFinish Made of?

EcoFinish is a highly-engineered form of powder coating. It uses polymeric compounds that are incredibly durable. Plus, it’s pH neutral, so it won’t impact your water chemistry in any way.

What Does ecoFinish Feel Like?

EcoFinish is engineered to be soft and easy on feet, so you can say goodbye to scrapes and scratches. The texture on the walls and floor is similar to orange peel and isn’t rough on skin, which is great for the little ones. We apply ecoFinish to the pool stairs in such a way that increases slip resistance, providing added safety and security where you need it most. Because the finish is so durable, your pool interior will remain soft and luxurious over time, unlike other pool interior finishes which can degrade and become abrasive.

How is ecoFinish Applied?

EcoFinish is heat-blasted onto the internal shell of a Plungie using equipment that looks like a cross between a hose and a flame thrower. We’re not kidding — head to our YouTube channel to see the ecoFinish application in action. This can be done in a fraction of the time it takes to tile the pool’s interior and creates a flexible, completely sealed, waterproof membrane. 

Blue Lagoon 2-2

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Why ecoFinish is the Best Pool Interior Finish

There are five key reasons why ecoFinish is the right choice for your concrete pool interior.

Protect Your Concrete Pool Shell

When concrete comes into contact with pool water, a calcium reaction occurs, which can cause pitting and roughness in the concrete surface. ecoFinish is, by its very nature, chemically resistant, which helps to protect your pool shell throughout the life of your pool.

Looks Good for Life

The chemical resistance of the compound means your pool’s ecoFinish is also fade-resistant, and will never chip, flake, peel or chalk. While standard concrete finishes will start to deteriorate with even the slightest variance in pool water pH, ecoFinish is equipped to handle any normal variations in pool chemistry while still maintaining its integrity. 

Easy To Clean

When compared to pool tiles, an ecoFinish pool interior is much easier to clean. Scrubbing interior pool tiles and grout requires quite a lot of time and elbow grease. In some cases, the pool will need to be drained to properly clean the pool walls and floor. This can obviously be inconvenient and, if you choose to hire a professional pool cleaner, expensive. In contrast, regular ecoFinish maintenance can be done by a robotic cleaner. That’s less time you have to spend cleaning and more time you can spend enjoying your pool with friends and family!

For this reason, many people opt for a waterline tile over tiling the whole pool interior. We offer a waterline tile provision, where the ecoFinish is applied up to the bottom of the skimmer entry. This allows you to customise your pool with waterline tiles and still reap the benefits of a durable and luxurious ecoFinish interior.


Durable And Low Maintenance

Unlike interior pool tiles, vinyl liners, and pebblecrete, ecoFinish does not need to be replaced frequently. We’re so confident in the quality of our interior coating that we offer a 10-year internal coating warranty. 

By making pool water chemistry easier to balance, an ecoFinish pool can also use up to 40% fewer chemicals annually. That’s less time and money you need to spend balancing your pool water.

Six Shades To Choose From

With six versatile ecoFinish shades to choose from, you can achieve your dream backyard design and add a touch of luxury to your pool. For example, our Blue Lagoon ecoFinish adds a light blue finish to your pool water, making it look impossibly inviting. 

Deeper colours, like Mediterranean Blue, reflect the sky to create a mirrored effect that transports you to the Greek islands. Head to our gallery to see how each shade could look in your project. Whichever shade you choose, you can rest assured that ecoFinish will maintain its colour and won’t fade over time.

So, if you’re looking for a durable, luxurious interior coating that will save time and money in long-term maintenance, nothing quite compares to ecoFinish!

Still have questions? Contact our friendly team to learn more about ecoFinish today.


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