The Smart Buyer
The smart buyer knows that price is what you pay. Value is what you get.  
The following 2 buying scenarios created value by taking action. 




Buyer 1- The early adopter

Sam is a builder with a pipe line of house and land packages to complete throughout the year. Traditionally, Sam’s clients opted to construct a swimming pool after their house was completed. Sam was always thinking outside the square, so he contacted The Plunge Pool Company to discuss his options on behalf of his clients. 

The Plunge Pool Company crunched the numbers on and offered the following proposition.

  • Sam would order a factory crafted, bare plunge pool shell from The Plunge Pool Company.
  • Sam would organise installation of the factory crafted bare shell before building the house
  • Sam would finish the plunge pool for his clients, at the same time as home handover

By installing the factory crafted bare shell before the house started being constructed, Sam saved his clients money on the excavation of the site, and the crane lift of the plunge pool shell into position. By simply having unrestricted access to the site, the speed and simplicity of the installation meant real savings for Sam’s clients. 

Through Sam’s building licence, and his access to other trades, Sam finished the pool with a design theme that followed the newly finished home’s modern, minimalistic style. 

Sam is happy, he now has a new revenue stream. He can now offer a house, land and pool package without having to subcontract the whole pool construction out.

But the happiest of all is Sam’s clients. Compared to a traditional concrete pool construction quotation, they saved $15,000.00 on their swimming pool build by planning ahead with The Plunge Pool Company and installing a factory crafted pool shell, before their back yard access was restricted. 

The icing on the cake was when Sam’s clients received their completed bank valuation. By being able to value the whole completed home and landscaped pool at one time, Sam’s clients had created instant equity in their new home. 




Buyer 2 – Ready To Swim, Ready To Sell

Bianca is a local home real estate agent in a mid priced suburb. She knows her local market, and she knows what sells. She takes the time to do a pre sale plan with her clients, giving them a 9 point plan that will maximise their sale price.  

Always looking to add capital growth for her clients, Bianca knew that swimming pools and yard space were the highest searched property features in her selling area and were in demand. Bianca took action.

  • Bianca recommended her clients look at neat swimming pool options that would not take up to much valuable yard space.
  • Having worked with The Plunge Pool Company before, Bianca asked for quotation, lead time and financing options that would both increase the overall value of the property without over capitalising, while still allowing for the property to be officially listed within 3 weeks.
  • The Plunge Pool Company provided Bianca’s clients with a quotation, the finance was approved and the Ready To Swim pool was installed and certified for the property sale.

Bianca sold the property 1 week after The Plunge Pool Company installed the pool for 12% above the pre listing valuation. Bianca was happy because she increased the sale value of the property, which increased her commission in real dollars.

Bianca’s clients were extremely happy. The 12% premium that they achieved allowed them to more than double their money on their 4 week swimming pool investment. 

All parties took actioned and worked together. Smart agent, smart vendor.